Fylgja component - Auto Grid

A super small grid with auto flowing behavior, based on the container size.

Using a similar method to container queries.

This grid uses a minmax method, it fills the grid items based on the space available.

Where the min value is static value and the max value is 1fr.

It creates a grid without needing to setup any columns and rows,

since the grid items will do this for you, following the content first approach!

Installation  # 

npm install @fylgja/auto-grid

Then include the component in to your code via;

@use "@fylgja/auto-grid";
// Or via PostCSS and other options as plain CSS
@import "@fylgja/auto-grid/auto-grid.css";

How to use  # 

The grid can be added by just adding the class .auto-grid.

<div class="auto-grid">

In this example we have a container thats 800px width, using a default col size of 250px this wil result in 3 equal columns, even if there are only 2 child's to fill the space. The third one is an empty placeholder, making the grid truly auto.

You can change the behavior by adjusting the min value and the gap via the CSS variables.

Using a static grid  # 

Do you want to use grid columns based on the viewport width instead?
Then add the var --cols to take complete control of the grid cols.

Which allows you to build a static grid based on the viewport, on desktop and fallback to the auto-grid on mobile.

@media (min-width: 640px) {
#cool-products {
--cols: repeat(3, 1fr);
<div id="cool-products" class="auto-grid">

Config  # 

Do you want more control over the Auto Grid CSS variables, modify the following SCSS variables.

$auto-grid-cols: 250px !default;
$auto-grid-gap: 1em !default;
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