The modular highly customizable CSS framework.

@use "@fylgja/theme" with (
$color-theme: #1565c0,
$color-on-theme: #fff

@use "@fylgja/button";
@use "@fylgja/form";
@use "@fylgja/control";
@use "@fylgja/auto-grid";
@use "@fylgja/utilpack";
PostCSS Import
:root {
--color-theme: #1565c0;
--color-on-theme: #fff;

@import "@fylgja/button";
@import "@fylgja/form";
@import "@fylgja/control";
@import "@fylgja/auto-grid";
@import "@fylgja/utilpack";

The experiences you get from using Fylgja

Fylgja is a very flexable CSS framework,
it offers the best features from other CSS frameworks, bundled into one framework.
Use and extend it with your own CSS or extend your current stack with Fylgja.

  • Modularity

    Fylgja is build with modularity in mind, import only the parts you need,
    keep your bundle size and CSS small without using any extra tools, like PurgeCSS.

  • Ease to edit and to add your own style

    Use Fylgja as a solid basis to build your own styles with minimal effort,
    thanks to SCSS and/or CSS Variables

  • RTL out of the box

    Fylgja is made with writing direction in mind,
    so it works with Languages that use a different direction than LTR.

  • Ease to start with the Fylgja Design Tokens and CSS Utilities

    Fylgja comes with a set of Design Tokens and CSS Utilities offered trough Javascript, SCSS and CSS.

  • Web Accessibility in mind

    Each Fylgja component is built with accessibility in mind,
    and Encourages the use of the right HTML syntax.

Combine the power of

Native styles

CSS Components

CSS Utilities

Whats Fylgja all has to offer

Into one Framework