Dark mode

Fylgja does not ship with dark mode styles by default. Since we don't force a specific color pallet.

But the foundation for each component is made in a flexible way.

So you can change it via the CSS variables or the SCSS variables,

by just setting these SCSS variables in the @fylgja/theme, all component styles are dark.

@use "@fylgja/theme" with (
$root-bg: #111,
$root-fg: #fff

Sample dark mode setup  # 

But if your really want the light and dark mode experience. You should use the CSS variables we offer in the @fylgja/base.

We also have dark mode support in our site. Down in the footer you will find a moon or sun icon.

Depending on what theme your using.

For this we made a small CSS rule for dark mode, and added a small bit of JS to toggle the state.

So a user can pick a preferred mode over the system default one, if they desire so.

Sample from our site
// _color-scheme.scss
@mixin dark-mode {
--color-scheme: dark;
--color-bg: #{color.change($color-theme, $lightness: 8%)};
--color-text: #fff;
--color-text-alt: #{color.change(#fff, $alpha: 0.8)};
--color-text-muted: #{color.change(#fff, $alpha: 0.67)};
--code-bg: #{color.change($color-theme, $lightness: 16%)};
--code-color: #fff;
--btn-focus-bg: #{color.change(#fff, $alpha: 0.1)};
--btn-active-bg: #{color.change(#fff, $alpha: 0.2)};
--divide-color: #{color.change(#fff, $alpha: 0.2)};

@media (prefers-color-scheme: dark) {
:root:not([data-theme]) {
@include dark-mode;

:root[data-theme="dark"] {
@include dark-mode;
const root = document.documentElement;
let theme = "";

// Check for dark mode preference at the OS level
const prefersDarkScheme = window.matchMedia("(prefers-color-scheme: dark)").matches;
const currentTheme = localStorage.getItem("theme");

if (currentTheme) {
root.setAttribute("data-theme", currentTheme);

function toggleColorScheme(e) {
if (!e.target.closest("[data-toggle-color-scheme]")) return;
if (root.getAttribute("data-theme")) {
theme = root.getAttribute("data-theme") === "dark" ? "light" : "dark";
} else {
theme = prefersDarkScheme ? "light" : "dark";
root.setAttribute("data-theme", theme);
localStorage.setItem("theme", theme);

document.addEventListener("click", (event) => {

Considerations to take when adding or using dark mode.  # 

Dark mode does not necessary mean black with white text.

And as you could see it in our sample, we used a dark tint of our theme (primary) color.

This gives it a more personal feel than just a inverted version.

Also dark mode is never a must, if your brand/site does not fit in this style,

then don't bother trying to add it, it only confuses your users.