Stylelint Config - SCSS

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Extra rules for when you use SCSS.


Same as for the main stylelint config. But now add scss to the end to also load these rules.

"extends": "@fylgja/stylelint-config/scss"

List of Rules

For information on what each rule does. Checkout the SCSS Stylelint plugin DOC.


  • at-else-closing-brace-newline-after: always-last-in-chain
  • at-else-closing-brace-space-after: always-intermediate
  • at-else-empty-line-before: never
  • at-else-if-parentheses-space-before: always


  • at-extend-no-missing-placeholder true


  • at-function-parentheses-space-before: never


  • at-if-closing-brace-newline-after: always-last-in-chain
  • at-if-closing-brace-space-after: always-intermediate
  • at-if-no-null: true


  • at-import-no-partial-leading-underscore: true


  • at-mixin-argumentless-call-parentheses: never
  • at-mixin-parentheses-space-before: never
  • no-duplicate-mixins: true


  • at-rule-no-unknown: true
    • Unsets core rule at-rule-no-unknown


  • dollar-variable-colon-newline-after: null
    • should be always-multi-line but it has a bug with maps
  • dollar-variable-colon-space-after: always-single-line
  • dollar-variable-colon-space-before: never
  • dollar-variable-first-in-block: true
    • ignore: comments, imports
  • dollar-variable-no-missing-interpolation: true


  • function-color-relative: true
    • severity: warning
    • Use the new scss color functions instead!


  • declaration-nested-properties-no-divided-groups: true


  • comment-no-empty: always
    • severity: warning
  • double-slash-comment-whitespace-inside: always

Media feature

  • media-feature-value-dollar-variable: true
    • severity: warning


  • operator-no-newline-after: null
  • operator-no-newline-before: true
  • operator-no-unspaced: null


  • selector-no-redundant-nesting-selector: true,
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