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Build your own CSS props a.k.a Design Tokens, with ease.

This package is mainly used for our own CSS props components, but also available to any one that wants to build there own CSS props.


npm install @fylgja/props-builder

How to use

This is a Javascript function and is used in combination with your own Javascript build file.

First create an javascript file, for example build.js

import the props builder in your build js;

import { propsBuilder } from "@fylgja/props-builder";

and call it with at least a filename and some props;

const spacers = {
    "size-1": "0.5em",
    "size-2": "1em",
    "size-3": "1.5em",

    filename: "spacers.css",
    props: spacers

Now you have a css file with your own spacers;

/* File: spacers.css */
:root {
    --size-1: 0.5em;
    --size-2: 1em;
    --size-3: 1.5em;

Tweak the build options

Lets say you want a different parent class, or you want a prefix, you can do so, by using the available options.

Each option is visible if your using an IDE that supports JSDoc or/and Typescript.

But here are the options, just in case if you don't have an editor with those super powers.

props{ [key: string|number]: string|number }...
generationSyntaxstringNote 1
jsonColorKeysstring[]Note 2

Note 1 If empty the default is based on the file extension

Note 2 If empty default color map is used

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