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Common defaults to make your body and typography look good and easy to change to your needs.


npm install @fylgja/base

Then include the component in to your code via;

@use "@fylgja/base";
// Or via PostCSS import
@import "@fylgja/base";

How to use

The base component can be considered as more than one component, everything makes more sense together, since these are small CSS setters to the body, typography and media.

Here is a list of each component and the main things each component does.

Component PartsDescription
ActionActs as CSS reset for any clickable element behavior
BodySets the base font, box-sizing and root vars
FigureSet default spacing
ListSet default spacing
MediaMakes images responsive by default
TypographySets defaults for all common text elements

There are also helper classes, but mostly all styles are set directly on the html elements.

.h1 to .h6Same as the html element of the same name
.hrSame as the <hr> element
.text-smallSame as the <small> element


As with almost all of our components, you can configure CSS variables to add your own look/style.

Direct control on the base styles, you can you modify the following SCSS variables.

View SCSS variables
// Typography
$family-main: (
    "Apple Color Emoji",
    "Segoe UI Emoji"
) !default;
$family-header: $family-main !default;
$font-size: 1rem !default;
$font-weight: normal !default;
$line-height: 1.5 !default;
$letter-spacing: normal !default;
$caption-size: 0.875em !default;

$quotes: "“" "”" "‘" "’" !default;
$blockquote-margin: 2em 0 !default;
$blockquote-padding-start: 1em !default;
$blockquote-border-color: var(
    var(--color-theme, currentcolor)
) !default;
$blockquote-border-start: 0.25em solid $blockquote-border-color !default;
$blockquote-font-style: italic !default;

$accent-color: var(--color-theme) !default;

$link-color: var(--color-theme) !default;
$link-color-focus: var(--color-theme) !default;
$link-style: none !default;
$link-style-focus: underline !default;

$selection-bg: $color-theme-fade !default;
$selection-color: inherit !default;

$hr-size: 1px !default;
$hr-style: solid !default;
$hr-color: currentcolor !default;
$hr-margin: 1em 0 !default;

$mark-padding: 0 0.15em !default;
$mark-bg: var(--selection-bg) !default;
$mark-color: var(--selection-color) !default;

// List
$list-margin: $item-spacer;
$dl-margin: $item-spacer;
$dd-margin: 0 0 0.5rem;

// Headings
$h-margin: 1.33em 0 0.67em !default;
$h-family: var(--family-header) !default;
$h-font-size: 1em !default;
$h-line-height: inherit !default;
$h-font-weight: normal !default;

$h1-margin: 0 0 0.45em !default;
$h1-family: null !default;
$h1-font-size: 2.2em !default;
$h1-line-height: null !default;
$h1-font-weight: null !default;

$h2-margin: 1.33em 0 0.55em !default;
$h2-family: null !default;
$h2-font-size: 1.6em !default;
$h2-line-height: null !default;
$h2-font-weight: null !default;

$h3-margin: 1.33em 0 0.6em !default;
$h3-family: null !default;
$h3-font-size: 1.35em !default;
$h3-line-height: null !default;
$h3-font-weight: null !default;

$h4-margin: null !default;
$h4-family: null !default;
$h4-font-size: 1.25em !default;
$h4-line-height: null !default;
$h4-font-weight: null !default;

$h5-margin: null !default;
$h5-family: null !default;
$h5-font-size: 1.125em !default;
$h5-line-height: null !default;
$h5-font-weight: 500 !default;

$h6-margin: null !default;
$h6-family: null !default;
$h6-font-size: 1em !default;
$h6-line-height: null !default;
$h6-font-weight: bolder !default;


Is this a Reset CSS or Normalizer CSS component?

No, the base component is a setter for common styles but not a reset file.

Each reset for a specific html element is handled by the component that needs it,

not first set by one reset file and then restyled by the component.

Doing that would be considered bad practice and creates double CSS.

Do I need everything in this CSS component?

No. If you only need parts of the base component, just import each part.

@use "@fylgja/base/body";
@use "@fylgja/base/media";
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