Alpine Dialog

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Bring the power of AlpineJs to the HTML dialog.

See it in action here


You can use this plugin by either installing it using NPM or including it from a CDN.


You can install it from NPM and include it in your bundle:

npm install @fylgja/alpinejs-dialog
import Alpine from 'alpinejs';
import dialog from '@fylgja/alpinejs-dialog';

window.Alpine = Alpine;



You can include the CDN version of this plugin as a <script> tag, just make sure to include it before AlpineJs.

<script defer src=""></script>
<script defer src=""></script>

How to use

To use this, create an Alpine component for example, like;

<div x-data="{ open: false }">
    <button @click="open = !open">Open</button>
    <dialog x-show="open" x-dialog="open = false">..</dialog>

When adding the x-dialog to an x-show element, it will not toggle the display, but instead use the native el.showModal() function.

The value inside the x-dialog is not required, but is recommended to close the dialog using the escape key or clicking the backdrop.



To lock the page scroll add the modifier noscroll;

<div x-data="{ open: false }">
    <button @click="open = !open">Open</button>
    <dialog x-show="open" x-dialog.noscroll="open = false">..</dialog>

This will now prevent any scrolling on the page.

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